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Larada Sciences is conducting trials for a new version of our FDA-cleared head lice treatment system. We are looking for moms and their kids who want to try this device and answer questions to help our development team. Successful treatment is GUARANTEED.

We will check if you and anyone in your household is infested, give you all of the product that you need to perform a treatment, and have you return in 10 days to confirm that your treatment was successful. This treatment is 99% effective when used as directed. In the unlikely event that the treatment fails, we will perform a full professional treatment for you for FREE ($175 value per person).

Call or text (844) 528-3388 to schedule your appointment today!

Call or text for more information or to set up an appointment! (844) 528-3388.

Larada Sciences, a Salt Lake City medical device company, utilizes technology developed at the University of Utah in more than 100 head lice treatment clinics around the world. We are testing the home version of our clinic machine, you will do the treatment yourself. Each family will receive one $50 gift card for participating in the study at the 10 day recheck.

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