Our Patented Heated-Air Device

The device, which was invented by scientists at the University of Utah, kills lice and eggs through a specific combination of temperature, airflow, time and technique. Happy customers leave our clinics everyday lice free!

Proprietary FDA-cleared technology

LCA has patented technology making this opportunity not only an exclusive territory but an exclusive offering. Effectively treating lice has become fast and safe with the AirAllé® device. Our FDA-cleared medical device blows heated air through its applicator tip along the scalp and hair shafts at a higher flow (but cooler temperature) than a hair dryer.

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The AirAllé® device is the only medical device with FDA-clearance to treat head lice. It utilizes microprocessor-controlled heated air to kill lice and eggs through dehydration.


A specific, timed treatment pattern is followed to ensure all areas of the head are treated. No pesticides or other chemicals are used in the therapy; just heated air.


Our most popular treatment, is a 3-step-process that desiccates lice and their eggs in one treatment. We have you lice free in 1 treatment, 1 hour, 100% guaranteed. 

Brand Leader

Hundreds of thousands of Moms all over the world have trusted us with their lice treatment needs. No one knows more about curing lice infestations.


Our specially designed device, which penetrates beyond the insulating layer of hair and lifts the hair slightly while directing airflow right onto lice and eggs, has earned multiple patents.

Clinically Proven

We received FDA-clearance on our AirAllé® device, which utilizes microprocessor-controlled heated air to kill live lice and eggs (nits) through dehydration.


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