Multiple Revenue Streams

Our success comes from trained, certified technicians using our exclusive FDA-cleared AirAllé device. The device forces air at just the right temperature across the scalp. This causes the lice and lice eggs to quickly dehydrate and die.

The business is supported by FOUR core revenue streams

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Treatment Services

The largest revenue stream averages $175 per full-service treatment across the network.

Other Services

When one person in the family has lice there is high probability siblings, parents, nannies and others close to the family have it as well.  Diagnosis services average $20 per head check across the network.

Product Sales

Once a client has been treated and they are lice free they want to stay that way! Clinic owners can take advantage of our entire (wholesale priced) product line designed to treat and prevent head lice.

Recurring Revenue

Monthly membership plans work as a subscription service to cover families in a case of re-infestation.

Additional Screening Services

Screenings for schools, summer camps, and community organizations

Choose Your Pricing

Multiple levels of packages for heated-air treatments using the AirAllé® device

Product Variety

Product sales opportunities for other hair and scalp-related items


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