Lice Find a Family, Family Finds a Business

Lisa and Nathan Hagman’s relationship with head lice began long ago in a faraway land. “While stationed overseas with the military in Italy, our family struggled for nearly five months with head lice: it was the typical nightmare story,” Lisa said.

The family is back in the states now in Kitsap, Washington. Unfortunately, head lice can be found there, too. “My kids got lice again a week before I was scheduled for major surgery, and the kids were to stay with other family members.”

The couple didn’t have time to use traditional lice-removal products, which require weeks of use and manual nitpicking in order to be effective. A quick search online, and they found a Lice Clinics of America urgent care center.

“We were lice-free in an hour,” Lisa said.

The Hagman’s had discovered the AirAllé medical device, an FDA-cleared Class I machine clinically proven to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs in a single hour-long treatment. Lisa and Nathan were so impressed by the service that they decided to open a clinic of their own. They started in Bainbridge Island, and demand was such that they relocated to a building closer to Pierce County to be able to service both Pierce and Kitsap county families.

“The AirAllé treatment changes lives,” Lisa said. “People arrive during the nightmare part of the experience. They leave happy and relieved.”

In addition to the time-consuming nature of traditional lice products, a growing problem is that the chemicals they use are no longer effective much of the time. Lice have developed resistance to the pesticides, called pyrethroids, used by most drugstore lice products. Health experts are also concerned about the use of pesticides on children.

The AirAllé device does not use chemicals at all. Instead it uses carefully controlled warm air to dehydrate lice and eggs, killing them in a manner of minutes as the treatment is applied. In addition to being pesticide-free, no nitpicking is required.

The Hagman’s clinic, called Lice Girls, is part of the rapidly growing Lice Clinics of America network. Lice Clinics of America is the exclusive provider of the AirAllé treatment and a host of non-toxic lice prevention and treatment products for home use.

The AirAllé device and other lice-treatment products offered by Lice Clinics of America were developed by researchers and scientists at the University of Utah and are manufactured and administered in accordance with all health regulations.

“Bringing a safe, effective, and fast medical solution to the problem of head lice makes everyone feel much more comfortable and confident,” Lisa said. “They know that they are in good hands.”

With more than 150 clinics in the U.S. and a 100 more outside the U.S., Lice Clinics of America is the largest and fastest-growing network of professional lice treatment centers in the world.

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