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Have you or someone you know had a lice infestation in the home? Then you understand how much parents are willing to pay to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. 1 in 20 elementary aged kids has head lice at any given time. Lice will always be a problem, but WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Low cost of entry, year-round demand, a needed service that cures the problem of head lice, and solves a real problem for families.  Open a Lice Clinic franchise for under 105K. 

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Over 190 U.S. clinics.
300 clinics world-wide.
380,000+ Treatments.


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The End of Lice is the Beginning of Your Profits

As a business owner, you’re looking for an operation that is going to give you a significant ROI and a consistent revenue stream that will be profitable far into the future. Among all successful business models, there are three points that ensure success, and they all describe Lice Clinics of America.

1. Clear competitive advantage_MG_4972
Lice Clinics of America is the nation’s largest professional service network with the only FDA-cleared, patented device that kills lice and their eggs using heated air, in a single treatment.

2. Predictable, reliable, stable business model
Lice have been around as long as man has. They have no seasonality or geographic preference. They infest people at approximately the same rate all year long, which translates to a consistent and constant demand. Each year around 12 million schoolchildren get lice in the United States. That’s one in 20.

3. Affordable cost of entry and start-up
All-in, including franchise fee, build-out, lease deposit, materials, and all other start-up costs, an investor can have a Lice Clinics of America clinic fully outfitted, marketed and operated for as little as $64,600-104,600.


Revolutionary FDA-cleared technology


Child is not exposed to any chemicals, 100% non-toxic treatment


A relieved mom, her nightmare is almost over!

Request Information:

Franchise Fee:$42K
Total (Including Franchise Fee) Investment:$64.6-104.5K
Business Type: Franchise
Financing Available:Yes, 3rd party financing available
Part-Time / Full-Time:Full-Time commitment
Opportunities Available:Exclusive territories available throughout the United States

How Our System Works

Our success comes from trained, certified technicians using our exclusive FDA-cleared AirAllé device. The device forces air at just the right temperature across the scalp. This causes the lice and lice eggs to quickly dehydrate and die. This process kills lice and over 99% of lice eggs.

Why Our Business Model Is So Successful


    • Each clinic can provide a full range of treatment options, including both DIY and professional treatments, creating multiple revenue streams.
    • Protected territory in which no other clinic can operate.
    • The franchise fee is $42,000 for the first territory and multi-unit discounts are available.
    • Lice Clinics of America provides both the certification to operate the FDA cleared device and training on how to operate the business.
    • Lice Clinics of America provides a full range of marketing opportunities for the clinics to participate in.
    • The business is completely scalable and each clinic can expand as their business grows. Many of our franchisees own multiple locations.


(888) 357-8210

The information on this site does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise.  The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of an FDD. If you are located in a franchise registration state, we will register in that state before offering or selling you a franchise.