Couple Finds Business Taking on Head Lice

Nick and Erin Hawn discovered Lice Clinics of America and the AirAllé medical device the way many parents do—trying to figure out what to do about head lice in their own family.

“Three weeks after our fifth child was born, we found head lice on two of our older daughters,” Erin said. “Life with a three-week old is hard enough, but we had the added challenge of removing lice from our children using over-the-counter products that didn’t work.”

“I didn’t like putting pesticides in my daughters’ hair. And after combing for hours, I found lice on my own hair,” Erin said. “That’s when I decided there has to be a better way.”

“I went online and found Lice Clinics of America—FDA cleared? Heated Air? Guaranteed? We were there in an hour,” Erin said. “They found lice on all five girls. Then, we left there feeling like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders.”

Soon after, Erin decided to open a clinic of her own in Vernon Hills, Illinois. “I have worked for years in a dental office so I understand how a health-related business works,” Erin said. “We have an FDA-cleared medical device, clinically proven to be effective. It’s a great way to help people in a very stressful situation.”

The AirAllé medical device kills live lice and eggs using carefully controlled warm air. The air is applied at just the right temperature and location to dehydrate lice on the spot. Clinical trials found that the AirAllé device kills live lice and 99.2 percent of eggs (nits).  All staff are trained and certified to use the device in a clinical setting.

Book an Appointment for Safe Lice RemovalBusiness has been brisk. “Two friends contacted us in a panic on the very morning we were trained and certified to use our AirAllé device,” Erin said. “We were able to treat their lice problem and give them peace of mind before we were even able to open.”

“We have seen and treated people with head lice from nearby towns of Libertyville and Grayslake,” Erin said. “There are lice outbreaks all over the area right now. We have people coming from Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, Gurnee—all with lice in their schools!”

Lice treatment using the AirAllé medical device is available exclusively at Lice Clinics of America treatment centers. There are more than 150 clinics in the United States, and more than 250 worldwide. Lice Clinics of America is the world’s largest and fastest-growing network of professional lice clinics.

Erin also works to educate her community. “Lice happens to everyone and it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” she said. “People need to know that over-the-counter treatments are toxic and they don’t work anymore.”

Numerous studies have shown that most lice in the United States are now resistant to the chemicals, called pyrethroids, used in the most popular lice products. Pyrethroids are a class of insecticide that disrupts the central nervous systems of insects. Many have called for the chemicals to be banned for use on humans.

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